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Prevent Athlete's Foot and Toenail Fungus

Shower Shoes

Toenail fungus and athlete’s foot are both painful and disgusting to look at. Over the years, there seems to have been an increase in the number of people getting foot

fungus infections. People need to be more and more cautious about what environments they put their feet in. If not treated properly, foot fungus can lead to more serious medical issues possibly even death. It is extremely important that you do everything that you can to prevent the issue from occurring in the first place, as foot fungus can last an irritatingly long time. For example, one of the best and simplest ways to prevent foot fungus is by wearing shower shoes in the bathroom.

There are certain individuals that are more susceptible to foot fungus infections like those with poor blood circulation, older individuals, and males. If you smoke, have a poor immune system, or have diabetes, you are more susceptible to foot fungus problems. There are also certain individuals that just seem more likely to have foot fungus problems in general. These individuals probably also have other skin fungus issues as well. If you belong to any of these high-risk groups, take extra precaution with your feet.

There are certain things you can do to prevent toenail fungus and athlete’s foot like wearing looser and lighter shoes as to prevent your feet from becoming hot and sweaty. Also try not to share nail files, clippers, socks, or shoes with others as they could be infected. If you have severe problems with foot fungus, you might even consider moving to a cooler and dryer climate. One of the most important ways you can reduce your chances of contracting foot fungus is by wearing shower shoes in the bathroom and shower. Shower shoes can be as simple as a cheap pair of plastic flip-flops, and you should slip them on before going into the bathroom to keep your feet from touching the floor.

If you contract Athlete’s foot or toenail fungus, see your Doctor about the appropriate treatment, and once the infection has been cured, there are many ways to prevent it from reoccurring. Before bed you should wash your feet and dry them completely off. Also, you should get some wool or cotton socks and change them out a few times during the day. If you take these steps and also wear shower shoes in the bathroom, you greatly reduce your risk of the infection reoccurring.

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How Shower Shoes Prevent Worts

Besides athlete’s foot and toenail fungus there’s another medical condition that can be caused by having your feet exposed to the bathroom or shower floor. Your feet can

develop warts which are caused by the HPV virus also known as the human papilloma virus. Your feet can contract the HPV virus by touching the invisible bacteria on the bathroom floor and contracting the HPV virus. The HPV virus is what actually causes warts although you can contract the HPV virus and not develop warts

There are several different types of warts that you should be concerned about protecting your feet from.  The four primary types of warts are common warts, filiform warts, flat worts, and plantar warts. These worts looks different but are all caused by contracting the HPV virus. These worts are ugly to look at and can be painful so it’s best to seek medical advice on how to remove them.  Some warts will go away on their own without personal intervention but most warts require medication or doctor to remove them. There are several over-the-counter medications that are made with the intention to remove warts and are effective at doing so. A dermatologist might use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wort and it will fall off in the course of a few weeks. Warts are not generally life-threatening (they’re not cancerous) but are they are ugly to look at and can be bothersome. It is best that he speak to your doctor about what course of action to take when it comes to your particular wort(s).

One of the best ways to prevent contracting HPV virus and thus getting warts is to wear shower shoes while in the bathroom or at a public pool.  The HPV virus lives in the moist environments where it thrives. Shower shoes prevent your feet from coming into direct contact with the virus. Simply wearing a pair of shower shoes like flip-flops, sandals, or water shoes can greatly reduce your chance of contracting HPV virus. If you don’t get the HPV virus is far less likely that you will develop warts. Shower shoes are cheap and go a long way to preventing infections like the HPV virus. I find that the best shower shoes are inexpensive and easy to put on and off. If they are convenient to put on and off you will find yourself wearing them more often.